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Suzhou SINOMED is one of the leading China Vaccum Blood Collection Tube manufacturers, our factory is able to produce CE certification coagulation tube. Welcome to wholesale cheap and high-quality products from us.

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With 3.2%sodium citrate,Blue cap
PET Glass Size Volume Packing
2118132 2118131 13x75mm 1.8ml PET: 25pcs/vacuum pack,
2127132 2127131 13x75mm 2.7ml 1200pcs/ctn
2136132 2136131 13x75mm 3.6ml Glass: 100pcs/rack
2145132 2145131 13x75mm 4.5ml 1200pcs/ctn
2445132 2445131 13x100mm 4.5ml PET: 20pcs/vacuum pack,
2454132 2454131 13x100mm 5.4ml 1200pcs/ctn
        Glass: 100pcs/rack
With 3.8%sodium citrate,Blue cap
PET Glass Size Volume Packing
2118142 2118141 13x75mm 1.8ml PET: 25pcs/vacuum pack,
2127142 2127141 13x75mm 2.7ml 1200pcs/ctn
2136142 2136141 13x75mm 3.6ml Glass: 100pcs/rack
2145142 2145141 13x75mm 4.5ml 1200pcs/ctn
2445142 2445141 13x100mm 4.5ml PET: 20pcs/vacuum pack,
2454142 2454141 13x100mm 5.4ml 1200pcs/ctn
        Glass: 100pcs/rack,
  4718141 10.25x47mm 1.8ml 100pcs/rack, 2400pcs/ctn
  4727141 10.25x64mm 2.7ml  

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