Disposable Infusion Pump 300ml 0-2-4-6-8-10-12-14 mL/hr

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Nominal volume:300mL

Nominal flow rate:0-2-4-6-8-10-12-14 mL/hr

Nominal bolus volume: 0.5 mL/every time(if with PCA)

Nominal bolus refill time: 15 min(if with PCA)

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Disposable infusion pump is a special liquid infusion device, which is used for continuous (fixed or adjustable) and/or self-control infusion in clinical infusiontherapy. It is applicable to the administration of analgesic drugs for intraoperative,postoperative, labor, as well as analgesic chemotherapy for cancer patients.
This product is composed of elastic force liquid storage device, flow control device, liquid tube and various joints.The working mechanism of the product is as follows: the tension of silicon capsule is used as the driving force for the outflow of infusion, and the size of pore size and length of micropore pipe determine the size of dosing related unit time and the precision of dosing dose. Through the formulation of this product in doctors’ opioid liquid, patients can self-control the administration of drugs according to their needs, minimize the influence of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic differences on the dosage of analgesic drugs, and achieve the purpose of effective analgesia.

Disposable infusion pump has elastic force liquid storage device, the silicone capsule can store the liquid. The tubing is fixed with single-way filling port; this device is 6% luer joint, which allows the syringe to inject medicine. The liquid outlet is fixed with 6% out taper joint, which allows connecting with other infusion devices to inject liquid. If it is connected with catheter connector, it infuse through epidural
catheter to realize pain–easing. Self-control pump is added with self-control device on the basis of continuous pump, the self-control device has medicine bag, when the liquid comes into the bag, then push the PCA button, the liquid is infused into human body. Multirate pump is added with a multiple regulator device on this basis, switch the button to control the flow rate.

Depending on the requirement of clinical application, Disposable infusion pump is divided into 2 kinds of continuous and self-control This production has been approved to achieve a good therapeutic effect in hospital and other departments.


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