Paper towel dispenser

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1. Wall-mounted refillable paper towel dispenser
2. Transparent window to control the storage level
3. Hold at least 150 folded paper towels
4. Complete with installation accessories to be mounted on masonry, concrete, gypsum or wooden walls

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1. description:

Durable high-impact ABS plastic case.

It has a window to let you know when the paper will run out.

Great for holding a roll of big paper towel roll.
Locking design, equipped with a key, which is suitable for public places.

Suitable for home, office, school, bank, hotel, shopping mall, hospital, bar, etc.

Wall mounted tissue dispenser that works well in keeping the counter surface clutter free.

Paper towel roll with big core and small core are both available.


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3.Raw materials :ABS

4. Specification :27.2*9.8*22.7CM

5. Term of validity :5years

6. Storage Condition: Store in a dry, ventilated, clean environment

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