Usage of suction tube

A single-use suction tube is used for clinical patients to take sputum or secretions from the trachea. The suction function of the single-use suction tube should be light and stable. The suction time should not exceed 15 seconds, and the suction device should not last more than 3 minutes.
Single-use suction tube operation method:
(1) Check if the connection of each part of the suction device is perfect and there is no air leakage. Turn on the power, turn on the switch, check the performance of the aspirator, and adjust the negative pressure. Generally, the adult suction pressure is about 40-50 kPa, the child sucks about 13-30 kPa, and the disposable suction tube is placed in the water to test the attraction and rinse the skin tube.
(2) Turn the patient’s head to the nurse and spread the treatment towel under the jaw.
(3) Insert the disposable suction tube in the order of the vestibule of the mouth→the cheeks→the pharynx, and exhaust the parts. If there is difficulty in oral suction, it can be inserted through the nasal cavity (forbidden patients with skull base fracture), the order is from the nasal vestibule to the lower nasal passage → the posterior nasal orifice → the pharynx → trachea (about 20-25cm), and the secretions are sucked one by one. Do it. If there is a tracheal intubation or tracheotomy, the sputum can be aspirated by insertion into the cannula or cannula. A comatose patient can open the mouth with a tongue depressor or an opener before attracting.
(4) Intratracheal suction, when the patient inhales, quickly insert the catheter, rotate the catheter from the bottom to the top, and remove the airway secretions, and observe the patient’s breathing. In the process of attraction, if the patient has a bad cough, wait a while before sucking out. Rinse the suction tube at any time to avoid clogging.
(5) After the suction, close the suction switch, discard the suction tube in the small barrel, and attract the hose glass joint into the bed bar to be in the disinfectant bottle for cleaning, and wipe the patient’s mouth around. Observe the amount, color and nature of the aspirate and record as necessary.
The disposable suction tube is a sterile product, which is sterilized by ethylene oxide and sterilized for 2 years. Limited to one-time use, destroyed after use, and prohibited from repeated use. Therefore, the disposable suction tube does not require the patient to clean and disinfect themselves.

Post time: Jul-05-2020
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