Urine Bag

Urine bag instructions for use:
1. The clinician selects the urine bag of the appropriate specification according to the specific conditions of the patient;
2. After removing the package, first pull out the protective cap on the drainage tube, connect the external connector of the catheter with the drainage tube joint, and fix the hanging climbing strap, strap or strap at the upper end of the drainage bag, and use it;
3. Pay attention to the liquid level in the bag and change the urine bag or drain in time.
Disinfection method: disinfection of ethylene oxide gas.
Validity period of disinfection: 2 years from the date of disinfection in the state of good packaging.
1. This product needs to be operated by a professionally trained physician;
2. Choose the right style and specifications;
3. The hospital's medical care instructions and product instruction manual must be observed when using.
1. This product is used once and should not be reused;
2. The package is damaged, please do not use it;
3. Pay attention to the disinfection expiration date on the packaging bag, and it is forbidden to use beyond the time limit;
4. Do not discard this product after use, and handle it according to the national medical waste disposal regulations.
Storage requirements:
This product should be stored in a clean room with a relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas, good ventilation, dry and cool, to avoid extrusion.

Post time: Sep-07-2020
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