The ventilator are being supplied

  Mechanical ventilation is an effective treatment for some severe COVID-19 patients. A ventilator can assist or replace breathing by oxygenating blood from vital organs. According to the world health organization, China has the largest number of confirmed cases of novel coronavirus for the first time, with 6.1% of cases becoming critical and 5% requiring ventilatory treatment in intensive care units, which play an important role.
  US President Donald trump has suggested the country needs more ventilation. He told the governor that each state needed to buy its own “respirators, respirators and all kinds of medical equipment.” “The federal government will support you,” he said. But you must find them yourself.”
  During a normal flu season, most hospital intensive care units have enough ventilators to meet treatment needs, but they don’t have the additional equipment to cope with the surge in demand. The number of COVID 19 infections in the United States has risen sharply, to more than 4,400 as of Monday, and experts worry that the large number of cases will overwhelm hospitals, forcing doctors to triage patients and decide which treatment options are available. Ventilation. Italy has a severe shortage of ventilators, so doctors have to face this grim reality.

The actual demand for ventilators has exceeded 100,000KITS

  The global outbreak of disease continues to spread, making ventilators the most needed equipment in foreign countries after masks and toilet paper. “To a doctor. By the afternoon of 25 March, more than 340,000 covid 19 patients had been diagnosed worldwide. About 10 percent of severely ill patients are abandoned. Combined with first-line treatment, at least a third of patients were abandoned. The rest of the patients needed a ventilator to help them breathe oxygen.
  The governor of New York state had previously said publicly that New York had provided only 400 ventilators to 26, 000 patients and that he wanted to urgently buy 15, 000 ventilators from China to meet the need to fight the epidemic. According to aliexpress, an alibaba-owned cross-border retail e-commerce platform, page views (UV), gross sales (GMV) and orders for masks in Italy, Spain, France and other worst-affected regions rose sharply in 2006 by half a month. Orders for masks from China to Italy, the worst-affected country in Europe, rose nearly 40-fold.

We provide the portable ventilator as below:

H-100C is used for first-aid, ambulances,
emergency situation and patients’ transport
in hospital.
It can be used for pediatric and adult patients.
Multiple functions, compact design, easy to
take, designed for transport and first aid.
The main parts adopt good-quality
components, which are accurate and reliable.
LCD screen, simple and intuitive operation.
Three kinds of power sources: AC, DC and
internal battery.


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Post time: Mar-29-2020
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