The current state of Covid-19

The delta strain, a variant strain of the new coronavirus that was first discovered in India, has spread to 74 countries and is still spreading rapidly. This strain is not only highly contagious, but the infected are more likely to develop severe illnesses. Experts worry that the delta strain may become the global mainstream strain. Data show that 96% of new cases in the UK are infected with the Delta strain, and the number of cases is still rising.

In China, Jiangsu, Yunnan, Guangdong and other regions have been infected.

Corresponding to the Delta strain, we used to talk about close contacts, and this concept has to change. Because of the high load of the Delta strain, the exhaled gas is highly toxic and highly infectious. In the past, what is called a close contact? Two days before the onset of illness, the family members of the patient, the family members have the same office, or have meals, meetings, etc. within one meter. This is called close contact. But now the concept of close contact has to be changed. In the same space, in the same unit, in the same building, in the same building, four days before the onset of illness, the people who get along with these patients are all close contacts. It is precisely because of the change in this concept that a number of different management modes, such as sealing, banning and banning, etc., will be adopted. Therefore, the change of this concept is to control our key crowds.

Post time: Jul-31-2021
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