Suzhou Sinomed Business Scope Certificated

Suzhou Sinomed Business Scope Certificated

Our equipment and instruments includes: venous blood collection device, blood collection tube, test tube, swab, saliva ejector.

Non-vascular internal guide (plug) tube: latex catheter, feeding tube, stomach tube, rectal tube, catheter.

Gynecological surgical instruments: umbilical cord clip, vaginal speculum.

Pipes and masks for respiratory anesthesia: nasal oxygen tubes, oxygen masks, endotracheal tubes, masks with nebulizers, oropharynx tubes, suction catheters.

Neurological and cardiovascular surgical instruments: central venous catheter.

Intravascular infusion device: single use infusion set (with needle).

Medical dressings: sterile surgical gloves, protective masks, gauze, bandages, wound dressings, wound dressings, medical tapes, plaster bandages, elastic bandages, first aid kits, disposable identification tapes.

Medical laboratory consumables: sputum cups, urine cups, pipettes, centrifuge tubes, petri dishes, culture plates, samplers, slide boxes.

In vitro instruments for use with non-vascular catheters: urine bags, baby urine bags, vacuum suction devices, Yankee suction devices, connecting tubes.

Injection molding machine puncture equipment: disposable sterile hypodermic syringe, insulin syringe, self-destructive syringe, disposable sterile hypodermic needle.

Physiological parameter analysis and measurement equipment: blood pressure monitor, electronic thermometer, infrared ear thermometer, infrared thermometer.

Post time: Nov-22-2019
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