Suzhou Heng Xiang Staff To Participate In Voluntary Blood Donation

Since the new year, due to the holidays with a large amount of blood, fewer donors, blood stations of various types of blood are in danger, Suzhou, Suzhou Heng Xiang responded to the leading group for the city’s blood donation call to mobilize all company employees to donate. This year, the city issued the group index of the leading group of blood donation is 70 people free blood donation, blood donation, a total of 14000cc. Suzhou Heng Xiang after accepting the task seriously, companies responded positively, 78 people in just half a month ago to give blood, and quite a number of workers ‘ blood than 200cc, regardless of number or the blood, overfulfilled the task reflects the loving dedication of foreign workers.

Post time: Mar-27-2018
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