Suzhou Heng Xiang Held The First Half Of 2011 Summary

On July 26, held the first half of 2011 summary of the work of the group. The company Chairman and General Manager of the group, Group General Manager of Chamber members and this part of middle-level cadres attended the meeting.

Summarizing the meeting, company executives to work in the first half and the second half of the schedule made a conscientious summary of exchanges. Wei Huang, Deputy General Manager of the group recently conducted a comprehensive analysis of domestic and international economic and trade situation, described in the foreign trade enterprises under the new situation will be faced with challenges and opportunities. Nate Chairman summarized the work in the first half of the Group: the Group’s total import and export volume of 710 million dollars in the first half, total imports and exports and exports were creating a group high, successfully completed two half task. Group’s steady economic growth, overall asset quality improved, while constantly strengthening basic management and the construction of spiritual civilization, and had been made in the overall coordination of development, realized “the share reduction, rank does not move backward, upgrade quality.”

On further work in the second half, Chairman of Sun Lei, put forward four demands: first, adhere to stronger industry, ensure sustained growth; the second is continuous innovation, speed up the transformation and upgrading; the third is to strengthen the management and enhance risk; four is to strengthen team-building, cultivation of enterprise culture.

The convening of this meeting, help to further clarify the direction of foreign trade development of the group, actively promote the smooth, fully to achieve the annual goal of the work tasks. (Corporate office in press)

Post time: May-14-2015
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