Rectal Tube

A rectal tube, also called a rectal catheter, is a long slender tube which is inserted into the rectum. In order to relieve flatulence which has been chronic and which has not been alleviated by other methods.

The term rectal tube is also frequently used to describe a rectal balloon catheter, although they are not exact the same thing.

 Rectal Tube

A rectal catheter can be used to help remove flatus from the digestive tract. It is needed primarily in patients who have had a recent surgery on the bowel or anus, or who have another condition which causes the sphincter muscles not to work appropriately enough for gas to pass on its own. It helps to open the rectum and is inserted into the colon to allow gas to move downward and out of the body. This procedure is generally only used once other methods have failed, or when other methods are not recommended due to the patient’s condition.


A rectal tube is for introduction of enema solution into rectum to release/aspire rectal fluid.

Super smooth kink resistance tubing ensures uniform flowrate.

Atraumatic, soft rounded, closed tip with two lateral eyes for efficient drainage.

Frozen surface tubing for super smooth intubation.

Proximal end is fitted with universal funnel shaped connector for extension.

Color coded plain connector for easy identification of size

Length: 40cm.

Sterile / Disposable / Individually Packed.


In some cases, a rectal tube refers to a balloon catheter, which is commonly used to help reduce soiling due to chronic diarrhea. This is a plastic tube inserted into the rectum, which is connected at the other end to a bag used to collect stools. It is only to be used when necessary, as the safety of routine usage has not been established.


Use of a rectal tube and drainage bag does have some benefits for patients who are critically ill, and may include protection for the perineal area and greater safety for health care workers. These are not great enough to warrant use for most patients, but those with prolonged diarrhea or weakened sphincter muscles may benefit. Use of the rectal catheter should be closely monitored and removed as soon as feasible.


Post time: Dec-19-2019
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