New Product: Disposable Retrieval Balloon Catheter

Disposable Retrieval Balloon Catheter


Disposable Retrieval Balloon Catheter is one of Stone Extraction Balloon Catheter.It is a routine surgical instrument in ERCP operation.It is used to remove sediment-like stones in the biliary tract , small stone after conventional lithotripsy.The device is mainly used for expending of digestive tract or adjuvant therapy.


There are some advantages in the disposable retrieval balloon catheter.In the first place,Multi-Distinct Diameters.

A unique ballon material realizes multi distinct diameters easily.Next,Three-Cavity Catheter.Three-Cavity Catheter

design with large injection cavity volume,reducing hand fatigue.Then,More Injection Options . Injection-above or

below options to support physician preference and facilitate procedural needs.Last but not least ,Radiopaque Marker

Band. The radiopaque marker band is clear and easy to locate under X-ray.


There are some problems in the conventional balloon.First,Conventional latex balloon can cause allergy.It’s not adapt

to every people.Second,the price of Pu ballon is too high.This has greatly increased health care costs.


Compared with the conventional natural latex balloon, the synthetic latex balloon developed by SINOMED has better

extension and breaking strength.


In a word,the disposable retrieval ballon catheter  is suitable for a wider range of people .You will get the best price ,the

best quality and the best service from SINOMED.







Post time: Jan-09-2020
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