New Medical Device:Urological Guidewire Zebra Guidewire

In urological surgery, zebra guide wire is usually used in combination with endoscope, which can be used in ureteroscopic lithotripsy and PCNL. Assist to guide the UAS into the ureter or renal pelvis. Its main function is to provide a guide for the sheath and to create an operation channel.


It is used to support and guide J-type catheter and minimally invasive dilatation drainage kit under endoscopy.



1. Soft Head-end Design

Unique soft head-end structure can effectively reduce tissue damage when advancing in the urinary tract. 

2. Head-end hydrophilic coating

More lubricated placement in place to avoid potential tissue damage. 

3. High kink-resistance

Optimized nickel-titanium alloy core provides maximum kink- resistance. 

4. Better Head-end development

The end material contains tungsten and develops more clearly under X-ray.

5. Various specifications

Provide a variety of choices for soft and common head ends to meet different clinical needs.


High Kink Resistance

Nitinol core allows maximum deflection without kinking.

Hydrophilic Coating

Designed to navigate ureteral strictures and facilitate tracking of urological instruments.

Lubricious, Floppy Tip

Designed for reduced trauma to the ureter during advancement through the urinary tract.

High Visibility

High proportion of tungsten within jacket, making the guidewire detected under fluoroscopy.



Post time: Feb-10-2020
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