Jinchang District Organizations To Participate In The 16th Session Of The National People’s Congress Election

After careful preparations, 16th, Jinchang district people’s Congress elections on February 25 and 40 constituencies Suzhou venue hengxiang import/export activities start at 9:30. Suzhou Heng Xiang total belongs to the constituency of 350 people, a total of 347 people took part in the vote.

Electing Deputies is a very sacred democratic rights of voters and voters a major event in the political life. The electoral events in accordance with statutory election approaches, after read out the proper procedure on behalf of candidates, voting, vote counting, and the successful completion of the electoral process. Election atmosphere and warm and in good order, voters in Suzhou hengxiang conscientiously carrying out the constitutional rights of voters and the law.

After counting the votes, silk company Chairman and General Manager Yang Wei glory was elected to the 16th session of the Jinchang district people’s congresses.

Post time: May-14-2015
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