Issued By The State Council To Speed Up Fostering Foreign Trade Competitive Advantage

Government’s website on 12th, for consolidating the tradition of foreign trade advantages, cultivate new competitive advantages, to achieve sustainable and healthy development of China’s foreign trade, promoting China’s trade power to trade power shift, the State Council put forward relevant opinions, including promoting foreign trade restructuring, boost foreign trade and international competitiveness, improve and “along the way” along the country’s level of economic and trade cooperation, and so on.

According to the observations of the target, by 2020, traditional advantages of foreign trade further consolidation, substantive progress on the new competitive advantages of cultivation. Optimizing layout in the international market and promote market diversification; optimizing regional distribution in China, promote the coordinated development of Eastern, Central and Western; focus on optimizing the export structure, enhance the export of value-added and technology content focus on optimizing the structure of management bodies, and promoting the common development of all kinds of enterprises; optimizing trade forms, and promote the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade.

Views also proposed, vigorously promoted China trade by scale speed type to quality benefits type change, efforts achieved five a change: a is promoted export by goods mainly to goods, and service, and technology, and capital phase combines change; II is promoted competition advantage by price advantage mainly to technology, and brand, and quality, and service for core of integrated competition advantage change; three is promoted growth power by elements drive mainly to innovation drive change ; Four are guided by a policy to promote the business environment of institutional norms and building the rule of law international business environment changing; five is to promote global economic governance from compliance with, international economic and trade rules to actively participate in international economic and trade rules being changed.

Post time: May-14-2015
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