Hot water bottle function

Winter is the time when the hot water bottle shows its talents, but if you only use the hot water bottle as a simple heating device, it will be a little overkill. In fact, it has many unexpected health care uses.
Promote wound healing
Hot water bottle
I poured warm water on my hands and applied it to my hands. I only felt warm and comfortable at first. After a few days of continuous application, the wound completely healed.
The reason is because warmth can stimulate tissue regeneration and has the effect of relieving pain and strengthening tissue nutrition. When warming acts on the wound surface of the body surface, a large amount of serous exudate increases, which can help clear pathological products; The blood vessels are dilated, and the vascular permeability is enhanced, which is favorable for the excretion of tissue metabolites and the absorption of nutrients, inhibits the development of inflammation, and promotes healing thereof.

Post time: May-29-2021
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