Health care uses of the hot water bottle

Winter is a time when hot water bottles show their talents, but if you only use hot water bottles as a simple heating device, it is a little overkill. In fact, it has many unexpected health care uses.

1.Promote wound healing
Pour warm water with a hot water bottle and put it on the hand to compress it. At first, it felt warm and comfortable. After several days of continuous application, the wound was completely healed.
The reason is that warming can stimulate tissue regeneration and has the effect of reducing pain and strengthening tissue nutrition. When warming is applied to wounds on the body surface, a large amount of serous exudates increase, which can help to remove pathological products; It expands blood vessels and enhances vascular permeability, which is beneficial to the discharge of tissue metabolites and the absorption of nutrients, inhibits the development of inflammation, and promotes its healing.

2.relief the pain
Knee joint pain: Put a hot water bottle on the knee and apply heat, the pain will be relieved quickly. In fact, hot compresses can not only relieve joint pain, but for low back pain, sciatica, and dysmenorrhea (all of which are cold syndromes), placing a hot water bottle on the local painful area for 20 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day, can also significantly relieve pain; For subcutaneous hematoma caused by contusion, hot compress with a hot water bottle 24 hours after the injury can promote the absorption of subcutaneous congestion.

3.Relieve cough
If you cough due to wind and cold in winter, fill it with hot water in a hot water bottle, wrap it with a thin towel for external use, and apply it to your back to drive off the cold, which can quickly stop the cough. Applying heat to the back can make the upper respiratory tract, trachea, lungs and other parts of the blood vessel dilate and accelerate blood circulation to enhance metabolism and white blood cell phagocytosis, and has a cough suppressant effect. This method is especially effective for coughs that appear early in the cold and flu.

Put the hot water bottle on the back of your neck when you sleep, you will feel gentle and comfortable. First, your hands will heat up, and your feet will gradually feel warm, which can play a hypnotic effect. This method is also suitable for the treatment of cervical spondylosis and frozen shoulder. In addition, at the beginning of mastitis, put a hot water bottle on the local painful area, twice a day, 20 minutes each time, it can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis; intravenous infusion is not smooth, hot compress with a hot water bottle, it can be smooth; long-term hip intramuscular injection of penicillin and Injections, intramuscular injections are prone to local induration and pain, redness, and swelling. Using a hot water bottle to heat the affected area can promote the absorption of liquid medicine and prevent or eliminate induration.

Post time: Sep-27-2020
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