New Product:Haemodialysers

Intended use:

ABLE Haemodialysers are designed for the hemodialysis treatment of acute and chronic renal failure and for single use. According to the semi-permeable membrane principle, it can introduce patient’s blood and dialyzate at the same time, both flow in the opposite direction in the both sides of dialysis membrane. With the aid of gradient of the solute, osmotic pressure and hydraulic pressure, The Disposable Haemodialyser can remove toxin and additional water in the body, and at the same time, supply with the necessary material from the dialyzate and maintain electrolyte and acid-base balanced in the blood.


Dialysis treatment connection diagram:

1.Main Parts


Declaration: all the main materials are non-toxic,meet the requirement of ISO10993.

3.Product performance:

This dialyzer has reliable performance, which can be used for hemodialysis. The basic parameters of product performance and laboratory date of the series will be provided as follows for reference.

Note: The laboratory date of this dialyzer was measured according to the standards ISO8637


Shelf life of 3 years.

• The lot number and expiry date are printed on the label put on the product.

• Please store it in a well-ventilated indoor place with storage temperature of 0℃~40℃,with relative humidity no more than 80% and without corrosive gas

• Please avoid crash and exposure to the rain, snow, and direct sunlight during transportation.

• Do not store it in a warehouse together with chemicals and humid articles.


Precautions of use

Do not use if sterile packaging is damaged or opened.

For single use only.

Dispose of safely after single use to avoid risk of infection.


Quality tests:

Structural tests,  Biological tests,  Chemical tests.







Post time: Mar-10-2020
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