EU Lifting Of China’s Textile Origin Certificate Verification

The 24th of this month, the Ministry of Commerce Department of foreign trade, Ministry of Commerce quota Licensing Board issued a Declaration on cessation of emergency notification to issue certificate of origin of textile exports to EU, according to EU’s 2011 regulations, No. 955, effective October 24, 2011 on China’s exports to EU special verification of certificates of origin for all textile categories, that is, Chinese enterprises in exporting textile products to the EU Member States do not need to issue certificates of origin for textiles.

Reminds the EU with textiles business in the company, with effect from October 24, 2011, the Ministry licensing Bureau and the relevant provincial and municipal departments of commercial administration certification authorities have stopped issuing of the certificate of origin of textile exports to EU, losing EU handmade card, of the exports to EU certificate of origin of silk and hemp products, but imports of textiles issued by the CCPIT and the quality control system certificate of origin is still required.

Post time: May-14-2015
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