Enteral feeding set Introduction

Medical enteral feeding set is a durable enteral feeding set that comes with attached administration set consisting of flexible drip chamber pump set or gravity set, built-in hangers and a large top fill opening with leak-proof cap.

Enteral Feeding Sets are designed to be used with enteral feeding pumps. Some of them are specific to certain feeding pumps while others may be compatible with a few different pumps. Enteral feeding gravity sets can be used when a patient has adequate gastric motility to tolerate a bolus feed or there is an absence of a feeding pump. The feeding sets have a rigid neck for easy filling and a bottom exit port for complete drainage.
Medical enteral feeding set is to be used in the absence of an enteral feeding pump, medical enteral feeding set has rigid neck for easy filling and handing; easy-read scales and easy-view translucent bag.

Enteral Feeding Gravity Sets are available in large bore, and with a proximal spike. They are also available in sterile and non-sterile and also DEHP-free. The Enteral Feeding Gravity Sets are to be used in the absence of an enteral feeding pump.
Enteral feeding set for pump and gravity is EO sterilized and disposable.

Basic specifications:
1. Connector perfectly fitted for catheter of any size;
2. Tube material allows to keep the lumen open even with significant kinking;
3. Transparent bag and tube walls;
4. Lateral graduation on the feeding set allows to accurately control food amounts;
5. Bag mouth has a lid that eliminates nutritive contamination from the environment;
6. Special loop for bag fixation on any medical rack;
7. The tubing has a clip for ultimate nutritive dosing and introduction speed regulation, visualization camera, pocket for thermally controlled container at the rear wall of the bag for nutritive warming and cooling;
8. Capacity: 500/1000/1200ml.
Enteral Feeding set has rigid neck for easy filling and handling. Strong, dependable hanging ring. Easy-to-read graduations and easy-view translucent bag. Bottom exit port allows complete drainage. Spec: 500ml, 1000ml, 1500ml, 1200ml etc. Type: Enteral Feeding Gravity Bag Set, Enteral Feeding pump bag set.

Post time: Apr-30-2021
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