Plastic cryotube / 1.5ml tipped cryotube cryotube introduction:
The cryotube is made of high quality polypropylene and is not deformed by high temperature and high pressure sterilization. The cryotube is divided into a 0.5 ml cryotube, a 1.8 ml cryotube, a 5 ml cryotube, and a 10 ml cryotube. The cryotube also has a plastic cryotube, a cell cryotube, a bacterial cryotube, and the like. Used for low temperature storage of samples for preservation of samples such as whole blood, serum and cells

Plastic Freezing Tube / 1.5ml Throat Freezing Tube Thawing Method:
After removing the cryotube, it should be quickly thawed in a 37 °C water tank. Gently shake the cryotube to melt it in 1 minute. Note that the water surface should not exceed the edge of the cryotube cover, otherwise it will be contaminated.

Post time: May-31-2022
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