Auto disable syringe

Is it necessary to use a safe self-destructing syringe?

Injection has made a significant contribution to the prevention and treatment of diseases. To do this, sterile colored syringes and needles must be used, and the injection equipment after use should be properly handled. According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), about 12 billion people are given injection therapy every year, and about 50% of them are unsafe, and my country’s situation is no exception. There are many factors that cause unsafe injections. Among them, the injection equipment is not sterilized and the syringe is reused. From the perspective of global development trends, the safety of retractable self-destructing syringes is being recognized by people. Although it takes a process to replace disposable syringes, in order to protect patients, protect medical staff, and protect the general public, the domestic disease control center, It is urgent for hospital systems and epidemic prevention stations to promote the use of retractable and self-destructive disposable sterile syringes.

Safe injection refers to an injection operation that is harmless to the person receiving the injection, prevents the medical staff performing the injection operation from being exposed to avoidable dangers, and the waste after the injection does not cause harm to the environment and others. Unsafe injection refers to an injection that does not comply with the above requirements All are unsafe injections, mainly referring to the repeated use of syringes, needles or both among different patients without sterilization.

In China, the current situation of safe injection is not optimistic. There are many primary medical institutions, it is difficult to achieve one person, one needle, one tube, one use, one disinfection, and one disposal. They often directly reuse the same needle and needle tube or just change The needle does not change the needle tube, these are easy to cause mutual infection during the injection process. The use of unsafe syringes and unsafe injection methods has become an important way for the spread of hepatitis B, hepatitis C and other blood-borne diseases.

Post time: Aug-23-2020
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