2015 National Customs Would Realize The Integration Of Customs Clearance

General Customs Director Yu Guangzhou said at the 22nd National Conference of customs and Excise, national Customs would seize four relationships, prevent foreign trade “stall” in 2015, further increase “tube, simplified and reduced,”, and further release of pipe in the vitality of enterprises. Meanwhile, efforts to promote the construction of customs clearance, customs clearance of this year would be integrated.

Yu Guangzhou said that one must grasp the “logic”. As the economy enters the new normal, China’s foreign trade also is characterized by steady growth, structural adjustment, the quality of the new normal, and export growth have 3 consecutive years below the national growth rate, is being transferred to the high-speed growth phase. Grasp the logic is to deal with well adapted to high growth and prevent the trade in “stall” relationship and achieve a trade at a reasonable interval running. 2015, customs should grasp the general tone of steady, perfect to adapt customs supervising and managing mechanism of investment and trade in services the new requirements. Continue to advance the free trade zone, Shanghai customs supervising and managing system of innovation promotion and replication, supported the construction of free trade zone, Tianjin, Fujian, Guangdong, pioneering the reform measures, to create customs reform and innovation high ground.

Second, we must grasp the “big market”. From the international market, China’s exports as a share of the international market share has reached 12.2%, trade structure and trade is constantly changing. Grasping the “big market”, customs statistical system, statistics on new requirements, customs application to explore the establishment of a data-analysis system. Increase foreign trade trends, analysis of sign change of gauge. Viewed from the domestic market next year will further increase “tube, simplified and reduced,”, and further release of pipe in the vitality of enterprises. While optimizing the layout of port hinterland and border areas, 2015 growth in inland regions to the appropriate addition of railway and air ports.

Third, we must grasp the “balance”. China’s economy and the global economy has formed a pattern of interdependence, grasp the great balance, attention should be paid not unbalanced, the Department will develop new approaches to adapt to multiple equilibrium under customs supervision, new initiatives to help push trade structure optimization.

Four grasping “big clearance”. Customs will focus on promoting the construction of customs clearance, creating channels for interconnection, and strive to achieve the “closed world”. In Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Yangtze River economic zone, in Guangdong Province, customs based on regional customs integration continues to progress, in 2015 the country will realize the integration of customs clearance in the customs, across customs clearance easier, smoother logistics.

Post time: May-14-2015
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