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  • Usage of suction tube

    A single-use suction tube is used for clinical patients to take sputum or secretions from the trachea. The suction function of the single-use suction tube should be light and stable. The suction time should not exceed...
  • Several thoughts on virus sampling tube

    1. About the manufacture of virus sampling tubes Virus sampling tubes belong to medical device products. Most domestic manufacturers are registered according to the first-class products, and few companies are registe...
  • I-Mercury-free uthotho luyeza.

    Ingqungquthela yaseMinamata ngeMercury, yatyikitywa e-Kumamoto ngummeli kurhulumente weRiphabliki yase China nge-10 ka-Okthobha ka-2013. NgokweNgqungquthela yaseMinamata, ukusukela ngonyaka ka-2020, amaqela enza isivumelwano ...
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