Disposable Syringe

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Transparent barrel is easy for observation; good ink has excellent adhesion;

Luer lock in the end of the barrel, which avoid plunger pulling off

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Scope of application:
Disposable Medical Plastic Luer Lock Syringe With Needle is suitable for pumping liquid or injection liquid. This product is only suitable for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection and intravenous blood tests, used by medical personnel, prohibited for other purposes and non-medical personnel.
Tear the single bag of syringe, remove the syringe with needle, remove the syringe needle protection sleeve, pull the plunger back and forth slide, tighten the injection needle, and then into the liquid, needle up, slowly push the plunger to exclude air, subcutaneous or Intramuscular injection or blood.

Storage condition:
Disposable Medical Plastic Luer Lock Syringe With Needle should store in the relative humidity not to surpass 80%, non corrosiveness gas, cool, ventilates good, in dryly the clean room. Product sterilized by Epoxy hexylene, asepsis,non-pyrogen without unusual toxicity and hemolysis response.

Product No. Size Nozzle Gasket Package
SMDADB-03 3ml luer lock/luer slip latex/latex-free PE/blister
SMDADB-05 5ml luer lock/luer slip latex/latex-free PE/blister
SMDADB-10 10ml luer lock/luer slip latex/latex-free PE/blister
SMDADB-20 20ml luer lock/luer slip latex/latex-free PE/blister

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