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Pharmaceutical environmental change or raise threshold for raw materials export

According to Chinese medicine and health products import and export Chamber of commerce data shows that Western drug substance in the drug trade in China accounted for more than 60.55%, but prices were in decline, increasing raw capacity also means that our country has been at the low end of global pharmaceutical chain. While the environmental cost of further drug industry profit margins will be compressed. Accordingly, many industry experts believe that, at the cost of environmental pollution and resource waste of raw medicine production brought about by the indirect losses are immeasurable. Over time, not only harm to the whole drug import and export markets, as well as threatening the survival of people. Therefore, future raw materials industries will face shuffle for the environmental pressure.

"India at the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, still rely on the production of large amounts of raw ecological chain in China has been in a global pharmaceutical. This situation is quite worrying. "Current situation of drug industry experts are concerned.

Investment Advisor Guo Fanli, a researcher in the pharmaceutical industry also points out that raw materials industry two-high (high pollution and high energy consumption) characteristic determines the industry must append the environment and speeding up technical renovation, renewal and energy-saving emission reduction than other industries to take bigger strides. He said that China's pharmaceutical companies generally do well in treatment, many SMEs in annual sales of millions of dollars only to need to invest some tens of dollars, many billions of dollars of costs of environmental protection simply cannot afford, while SMEs accounted for the entire industry of nearly 80%.

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