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Export Tax Rebates This Year By The Central Financial Burden

Financial burden of China's export tax rebate mechanism, prior to 2003 full financial burden by the Central, starting from January 1, 2004, in 2003, the export tax rebate base real return indexes, Super base part of the refund payable shall be determined by the Central and local governments in accordance with 75:25 of the common burden, burden since 2005 to 92.5:7.5.

In practice, the Central and local fiscal share the burden of export tax rebate mechanism gradually show some issues, including taxation contradictions inconsistent with rebates, export tax refund bearing unbalanced between regions. Under the current sharing ratio, Central took the vast majority of export tax rebates, but said problems still exist. "Seen from the total, while the local burden proportion is small, but because of export tax rebates are more concentrated, mainly in the eastern coastal provinces and cities, resulting in corresponding provincial and municipal burden. "Bai Jingming said.

Improve the export tax refund bearing mechanism in accordance with the State Council's requirements, the reform of export tax rebate policy does not change the Government in ensuring that export rebate funds in full and in a timely manner on the basis of, and further regulate the income divide between the Government, effective January 1, 2015, the export tax rebate all borne by the Central Government.

"The new policy will be conducive to the export tax rebate on time, in full, to address the export tax refund bearing in different regions do not match, building a unified national market, is of great significance in promoting foreign trade and quality growth. "Bai Jingming said.

At the same time improve the export tax refund bearing mechanism, the State Council also adjusted the GST tax return policy.

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