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Development of rehabilitation equipment industry in China

The medical device industry's development potential is very great, the analysis of prospects for the future development of rehabilitation equipment industry in China, was rated below!

Rehabilitation equipment including wheelchairs, walkers and other medical, physical rehabilitation equipment, including massage, Massage Chair, massage bed,. With the increasing living standards of domestic consumers and prospects for the future development of rehabilitation equipment industry.

Rehabilitation equipment of development to from movement equipment of development on up, in Shang century 90 generation, national movement equipment of manufacturers as have sprung up as quickly growth, after a time development zhihou, due to process similar, some production movement equipment of enterprise began put tentacles reached rehabilitation equipment, but rehabilitation equipment industry compared special, personal using of situation still is minority, and most using rehabilitation equipment of is some rehabilitation hospital, and nursing home, and training room etc.

Rehabilitation equipment which led to China's immature market, which in the initial stage of development. At present, rehabilitation equipment, HL Corp, middle of shares of listed companies, and that the main business of the two companies are similar, most revenue comes from the bike sales, except for the two companies, home based medical devices leading diving medical rehabilitation nursing and medical oxygen series Enterprise specializing in the production of medical devices, their rehabilitation and care products account for about 70% of the company's overall revenue.

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