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Analysis of global competitiveness of medical devices

At present, apart from developed countries and some Asia-Pacific countries are disposable medical devices outside the major markets of the world, previously neglected countries and regions gradually become emerging markets, including West Africa and some countries in Southeast Asia.

For example, in the past few years, the United Nations health agency has increased includes Nigeria, Africa's most populous (with 110 million people) of some West African countries, in places such as medical support. Disposable medical products in Nigeria only annual consumption of more than 1 billion dollars. United assistance to West Africa each year developed countries hundreds of millions of dollars of disposable medical products.

However, these products in a bid to India enterprises won the bid (India labor cost is much lower than in our country, it can often win in the disposable medical products tenders of the United Nations). However, Chinese enterprises can not give up easily in West Africa and other regions of the disposable medical products market. Instead, the development level of China should invest more in Southeast Asia and West Africa, and relatively small efforts to develop medical devices market. Because of serious shortage of disposable medical device production capacity in these countries, it is imported in larger quantities.

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